The Climate station is located at Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark at the roof of building 119. The latitude and longitude of the climate station are 55.8 N and 12.5 E respectively.

Detailed measurements of solar irradiance and other climate parameters have been performed at the climate station since 1989 (Lund 1994). The establishment and the continuous operation of the climate station have been financed by various projects and by Department of Civil Engineering.

In the period 2013‐2014, the climate station was upgraded and extended in a project financed by Bjarne Saxhofs Found (Andersen et al. 2014).

In the period 2016‐2017, the detailed measurements obtained at the upgraded and extended climate station are made available to users via this homepage in another project financed by Bjarne Saxhofs Found.(Andersen et al. 2017)



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